Downton Abbey Weekend Experience

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A Reminder!!
Nadya Lev
madamekat wrote in daweekend

A reminder that this event is coming up!!  Are you coming to all three events or just one or two?  Let us know as soon as you can :)

Nov 8th : Costume Formal Dinner at Dandelion Pub in Philadelphia

Nov 9th: Winterthur Museum tour to see Downton Abbey costumes at 10am **EVERYONE IS RESPOSSIBLE FOR PURCHASING THEIR OWN TICKETS IN ADVANCE!!!**

Nov 9th: Afternoon Tea at the Hotel Dupont in Delaware at 3pm

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I'm confirming for Mat & I - we will be at all three events!

I just purchased our tickets for Winterthur Museum tour general admission and the DA exhibit tour at 10 am on 11/9: we can't wait!

Yes on the dinner for me, possibly for Mike. I am trying to work out if I can come to the Sunday events.

I am in for the dinner and for the museum the next morning, out for the tea.

Mike can't make it.

Looking forward to it!

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