Downton Abbey Weekend Experience

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Nadya Lev
madamekat wrote in daweekend
Downton Abbey Weekend Experience

You have been formally (as much as LJ counts as formal) invited to attend a weekend gathering, circa the 1910s in Philadelphia and Delaware for a small group of friends. Events are linked through this group and include a formal dinner Saturday night, touring the Downton Abbey costume exhibit at Winterthur Museum and afternoon tea on Sunday. Please RSVP to each event so we can push information to you as needed.
Save the date!

Saturday November 8th: Formal Dinner in Philadelphia, Pa (restaurant TBD)
Sunday November 9th: Tour the Downton Abbey costume exhbit at Winterthur Museum in Delaware
Sunday November 9th: Afternoon Tea in Delaware (location TBD)

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Yay! So excited for this!

Exciting! I'm pretty sure this is early enough in November not to conflict with my planned trip to Asia.

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