Downton Abbey Weekend Experience

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Formal Dinner update
Nadya Lev
madamekat wrote in daweekend
The formal dinner is indeed still at the Dandelion Pub at 7pm!  Our reservations are split between two tables, which means our food will arrive faster LOL.


Where To Park near The Dandelion Pub:

There are a ton of parking lots and garages in the "Rittenhouse Square" area of Philadelphia! Here are a few for your consideration:

Central Parking at 36 S. 19th Street

Parkway Corporation at 1845 Walnut Street (18th and Walnut Sts)

Interpark 1728 Samson Street (17th and Samson Sts)

LAZ Parking 201 S. 18th Street

But like any other major city, just drive to the area and pick one! Cost is about $20 give or take a few bucks.

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Thank you Kat for updating everyone.

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